Get Your BSAC Qualification
Entry Level Dive Qualification
Ocean Diver

If you’re keen to learn to dive, the BSAC’s Ocean Diver course is the place to start. This entry-level open water diver qualification will equip you with the core skills to dive to a maximum of 20 metres anywhere in the world using a dry suit, Nitrox and decompression diving.

Dive To 35m
Sports Diver

You will broaden your experience in a variety of challenging open-water conditions, and learn essential techniques to prepare you for diving to a maximum of 35 meters.

Accelerated Decompression

BSAC’s Accelerated Decompression Procedures (ADP) course is a great way to extend your nitrox diving skills, by learning to use oxygen-rich mixes to improve the efficiency of decompression. It encourages you to make informed choices about your diving.

MOD 1 AP Vision CCR Diver

BSAC’s MOD 1 AP CCR Diver training is your first step into the silent world of rebreather diving. It’s a great way to learn the basics about closed-circuit rebreathers and get qualified to 45M using 20/35 Trimix.