Beginner & Advanced Courses

Sandford and Down offers a wide range of diving courses, from beginner Ocean Diver courses to advanced CCR Mod 2 courses for experienced divers. The courses are tailored to meet individual needs and are taught by experienced instructors who guide and support students throughout the learning process. Sandford and Down is committed to providing high-quality training that helps divers achieve their goals, whether that be exploring the underwater world for the first time or advancing their skills and knowledge in technical diving.

Try Dive

For those just looking to start their diving journey we offer try dive sessions. This gives you the ability to see whether you feel comfortable and wish to continue with diving before comitting to a full course.

Please note: To participate in a try dive you will need to complete a medical form that will be attached to your order confirmation.

Learn to Dive

Our beginner diving courses, such as the Ocean Diver course, provide a comprehensive introduction to diving, including all the basic skills and knowledge necessary to safely explore the underwater world. These courses are designed to help beginners become confident and competent divers, teaching them the fundamentals of diving, including equipment use and maintenance, buoyancy control, and dive planning and execution.

Advanced Dive Courses

Our advanced diving courses, such as the Sports Diver and CCR courses, are designed to help experienced divers take their skills to the next level. These courses provide a deeper understanding of diving theory and techniques, allowing divers to safely explore more challenging underwater environments. The Sports Diver course covers a range of advanced diving techniques, such as deep diving, navigation, and rescue, while the CCR courses focus on technical diving with Closed Circuit Rebreathers (CCR). Our experienced instructors are highly skilled and knowledgeable in these areas and provide in-depth training and support throughout the courses.

BSAC & PADI Certified

At sandford and down we are able to provide BSAC and PADI certification. Talk to us about starting your diver training.