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TUSA Splendive II Dive Mask

TUSA Splendive II Dive Mask

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Tusa Splendive II Dive Mask (TM-7500)

The Tusa Splendive II dive mask is a low profile, light weight two lens design mask which is perfect for travel and also accepts corrective lenses so if you normally require glasses you don't need to suffer any loss of vision when diving.

Available in 3 stylish colours & with a striking design the Splendive II mask is a dive mask that really stands out from the crowd.

Key Benefits

  • Low Internal VolumeThe Splendive II Mask's lenses fit very close to your face so the internal volume is very small which makes the mask less bouyant (a bouyant mask can be irritating) and with the lenses so close to your eyes your vision is clearer

  • Lightweight MaskThis Tusa mask is PERFECT as a travel mask, weighing a mere 6.3 ounces it won't have much impact on your travel allowance and is easy to carry around to snorkelling and diving sites

  • Accepts Corrective Lenses - The Tusa Splendive II dive mask is able to take corrective lenses which is vital if you wear glasses; there is nothing worse than blurry vision when diving

  • Exellent Field of VisionDue to the Splendive II mask design you get a wide field of vision - perfect for spotting fish on snorkelling trips at the edge of your vision

  • Dual Window DesignThe Tusa Splendive II dive mask features and advanced and stylish 2 window design that really stands out among the crowd


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