Waterproof D3 Ergo Drysuit Mens

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Waterproof D3 special formula Tri-Lam fabric is lightweight, soft, and durable. Light and flexible YKK AQUASEAL #10 plastic dryzipper. The placement enables you to open and close the zipper by yourself. All critical parts concerning mobility, like torso, pre-bent arms and legs have been anatomically designed to enhance the freedom of movement. The neck is equipped with SI TECH Quick Neck System and comes with Waterproof Silicone Neck Seal. Extremely comfortable and easy to change. Latex and neoprene seals are also compatible. The wrists are equipped with QCS ring system with comfortable Waterproof Silicone Wrist Seals. Easy to change. Latex seals are compatible. Optimised for the use of the ULTIMA dry glove system. Xlite flexboot, soft, light and flexible boot with fin strap ridge and a narrow fit. Military Graded DuPontTM Kevlar fiber reinforced knee pads with pocket for protection padding. Anti-slip treatment seat provides a non-slip grip and abrasion protection.